Bittex (BTX)
1 min readOct 27, 2022


💡Pi Finance is a long term digital yield token with a real business case, based on Proof-Of-Stake consensus powered by the BEP-20.

Pi Finance is a utility token whose function is to act as a payment method for its services offered by the company. Pi Finance's business case is based on creating its own ecosystem.

We are on a mission to create a project with real business case and with a completely new vision of cryptocurrency, the main objective being to create an ecosystem where the user and investor can access our services across the globe, without restrictions and limitations

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⌛For limited people only

Acceptable Currencies: BNB, USDT, TRX, BTC, ETH, XLM

🤑 How to buy $PFN using cryptocurrency:

Check our whitepaper for more info:

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🎉 🎉Hurry up now and be part of the most unique Defi project with a real business case.

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Bittex (BTX)

Bittex is a Web3 yield project backed by massive utilities and business plans based on Proof-Of-Stake consensus and powered by the BEP-20.